The most generous Cashback you have ever seen!

How does it work?

You play - Betiex returns some lost money back. This feature is available for everyone from the beginning of using the platform.

Enjoy gaming
Play your favorite games and raise your cashback accordingly to the Rank.
Receive coins
Cashback is credited once a week. The percent depends on users Rank - from 10% up to 25%.
Withdraw cashback
Withdraw your cashback immediately to account balance. And play for pleasure again!

Cashback for rank

The more you play on Betiex - the higher Rank and Cashback amount you will get. The most active users may get 25% back and enjoy the excellent gaming experience with the best advantages



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When is cashback available?

Cashback is available to be received on top of your loses once a week.

How to receive cashback?

The timer in Bonus Cabinet shows the countdown to the next period of calculation. You have the time up to the start of the next period of calculation to receive cashback from the previous one. Cashback is activated automatically and can be withdrawn once a week. Cashback is restored if the money is withdrawn during the counting period.

How is cashback calculated?

Cashback is calculated from all your gaming activity during one period according to the formula: Cashback amount = (your deposited lost coins in one game period ) * cashback%. Coins for winnings, staking payouts, jackpots, referral payouts, boxes, bonuses (battle rewards, Betiex spins, manual bonuses, VIP bonuses, airdrops, events rewards) are not involved in the cashback accrual.

What does the cashback amount depend on?

Percent of cashback depends on your Rank. From the first day you are on the platform, you can get 10% cashback. By playing our games you increase the Rank and thereby the amount of cashback - up to 25% for Betiex Legend.

Can cashback be received after the specified period

If you avoid receiving cashback from the previous period you won't be able to receive it in the future. You have only one week to withdraw the cashback amount

Where can cashback be obtained?

Cashback may be received on your Bonus Cabinet.

Is there any reminder about cashback?

You can see this information in your Bonus Cabinet, where all active and inactive bonuses are shown.

Are there any limits of withdrawals?

The amount to cashback withdrawal is not limited.

Restrictions and prohibitions

The cashback bonus is provided for one person (i.e. for one account and IP address). Players cannot use multiple accounts to receive cashback. Betiex reserves the right to completely disable the cashback function for users who use various schemes and multi-counting to manipulate the receiving cashback. Betiex also has the right at any time to disable cashback to users without notice if such manipulations are suspected. Betiex reserves the right to change the calculation, mechanics and rules of cashback feature at any time.